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Virtual Patient


justmiine brings you beyond Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine

Our powerful and yet flexible virtual system allows not only the monitoring, but the management of patients via remote means with seamless transition to the brick & mortar space if warranted. justmiine smart workflows drive efficiency and lead to better care, at a lower cost and with improved outcomes.

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It is possible to provide better care, at lower cost, and with better outcomes without sacrificing patient-physician relationship and patient satisfaction or adding to staff burnout.

Luciano Fochesatto, MD, CEO

Triage Hub

More meaningful connections leading to better outcomes 

justmiine smart technology lets you spend more .​

Populational Health Management made easy by a virtual care framework 

justmiine smart technology streamlines and personalizes the care of individuals or entire populations. 
Designing Personalized and Interactive Treatment Plans that are unique to each patient or shared amount entire populations with justmiine smart technology.​
Triage Hub
Symptom Profile

Meaningful connections leading to Healthcare Savings 

Letting the justmiine smart technology do the heavy lifting will allow providers working under value-based programs connect with patients and reach clinical and financial benchmarks.

Research Data Collection Reimagined.

justmiine smart technology dramatically modifying data collection by teams and institutions conducting research projects.
Subjective Data Review
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Why Us?

As a team of healthcare professionals working at justmiine, we hear and understand you along with all the challenges you are facing to adapt to this new healthcare environment.

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