Remote Patient Monitoring & Beyond

Justmiine is helping providers and health care institutions thrive in this new environment of value-based reimbursement while achieving the best outcomes for their patients.

Transforming the delivery of care

Justmiine is transforming the delivery of care, which currently offers patients episodic contact with the health care system, into a system that delivers a continuous interaction between patients and their providers.

Our platform

We are a Cloud-based remote monitoring platform with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) connectivity (Interoperability) that uses a Device agnostic app (iOS and Android) which is simple and intuitive.


Our app allows collection, tracking, and analysis of both biometric and subjective data from the field.


This helps providers and health care institutions engage with patients while guiding them through their care plan on a 24/7 basis.

Simple, the way it should be

  • Guide patients through the complex management of their conditions, while keeping them engaged

  • Collect, track, and analyze relevant biometric and subjective data from the field, where patients spend most of their time, at home

  • Intervene when necessary by modifying the care plan on the go

  • Intervene after identification of poor compliance or early signs of deterioration

  • Teach patients about their medical conditions, in the comfort of their own home

How it works?

Population health in mind. Individualized care in action.

Despite millions of patients sharing the same diagnoses such as Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, or Hypertension no one case is the same as another. Each patient is unique.


Our provider dashboard allows customization of the care plan to meet each patient’s personal schedule. Keep in mind that not everyone has breakfast or goes to bed at the same time, this is not the regimented care of a hospital, but the real world.

Filling the gaps with justmiine

Providing care to patients in the setting where they spend most of their time: at home!