Smart Virtual Care Technology

Our goal at justmiine is to give back to patients and healthcare professionals the ability of having a more meaningful interaction, and not just to "engage".

Let's get back to the basics and allow patients and healthcare professionals to truly connect. By using smart technology, outcomes improve and healthcare dollar savings follow. Virtual Care is not about convenience only, but about the right care at the right time and at the right place!

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How does justmiine smart virtual care technology work?

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  • The justmiine smart technology helping schools & companies to safely reentry in the face of COVID-19.

  • Digital screening of symptoms and temperature.

  • Quarantine management.

  • Telehealth visits with Infectious Disease Specialists.

  • At-Home COVID-19 tests.

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Helping patients and healthcare professionals navigate the entire healthcare ecosystem.

From the post-acute environment of a Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Care all the way to the day to day patient management at home.
Providing the right type of care at the right place!

Closing the gaps in the delivery of healthcare

Our Remote Patient Management framework helps providers and healthcare institutions navigate back and forth between the virtual environment and the brick and mortar space.
Offering a more continuous and humane interaction between patients and healthcare providers when comparing to the current episodic and dysfunctional interactions offered by our healthcare system.
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Mobile-first healthcare.

Receive healthcare at home.

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Interactive & Patient Specific Treatment Plans

Using our powerful Provider Dashboard, design Interactive Treatment Plans, unique to each patient or entire populations.
  • Customized for anything from Hypertension to Diabetes to Mental Health conditions.
  • Collection of biometric data & hundreds of disease specific symptoms.
  • Adherence data collection made easy.
  • Promoting Patient Education from the comfort of their own home!
  • Setting up patients to successfully reach their healthcare goals.

Populational Health Management at its core

Multiple your staff efforts with the use of justmiine smart technology. Our platform allows for constant health monitoring. Stratify data for individuals or entire populations. 

From patients needing better chronic disease control all the way to early identification of disease deterioration, intervention via Telemedicine or a simple chat allows a targeted deployment of resources. 


Timely intervention helps keep patients away from the ER and out of the hospital.

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Financial Success

The justmiine smart technology allows healthcare professionals to generate extra revenue by taking advantage of the most recent CPT Codes including Transitional Care Management (TCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and many others. 
For those healthcare providers and organizations working under value-based programs, the justmiine smart technology leads to better outcomes and substantial healthcare savings.

Research data collection reimagined.

The justmiine smart technology dramatically modifies and improves the way data can be collected by teams and institutions conducting research projects.
From biometric data to hundreds of disease specific symptoms to potential medication side effects, real-time collection of data sets is a breeze with justmiine.
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