The future of healthcare delivery is here!

justmiine is a Remote Patient Monitoring Framework that enables healthcare institutions to deliver virtual care in a coordinated fashion.

Our workflow starts with remotely monitoring patients. When combined with telemedicine intervention, justmiine digitally replicates the daily experiences of a brick and mortar environment at less cost and with improved outcomes. Plus, our framework can be easily scaled up in times of high demand, such as COVID-19 or other high volume scenarios.

Helping providers screen for COVID-19

Smarter Workflows

Traversing the healthcare ecosystem using remote patient monitoring and mobile-first intervention.

justmiine is a remote patient management framework that offers a comprehensive set of tools to empower providers and healthcare organizations to manage their patients throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem. 


Our system connects the post-acute environment of a Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Care with the day-to-day patient management of the outpatient arena. Telemedicine transforms the delivery of care.

Each patient is unique.

justmiine’s powerful Provider Dashboard allows medical teams to design Interactive Care Plans that are unique to each patient.

Each patient-specific Care Plan can be customized for a unique symptom profile or chronic condition like Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes or Hypertension while accounting for Mental Health. No two patients are alike. 

The future of healthcare is telemedicine.

Transitioning healthcare delivery into the comfort of patient’s homes.

Modify a patient’s Care Plan on the fly to achieve faster, sustainable chronic disease control.

Intervene after identifying signs of disease deterioration on a patient at Home?


Manage care across Home Health Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

How does Remote Patient Management work?

Remote Patient Management is telemedicine, a mobile-first approach to transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Currently, the healthcare industry offers patients intermittent, episodic contact. justmiine ushers in the future of healthcare with our mobile-first system. We deliver continuous interaction between patients and their providers.

Collection, Tracking and Analysis
Our app allows collection, tracking, and analysis of both biometric and subjective data from the field.

Follow Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, Blood Glucose, Weight and Oxygen Saturation with the option to use one of our Bluetooth devices.

Improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Tracking hundreds of disease specific symptoms with the justmiine platform is a breeze.

Identification of poor compliance or non-compliance within the medication regimen opens an important window for action.

Filling the gaps with justmiine

Providing care to patients in the setting where they spend most of their time: at home! 


Justmiine was born with population health management in mind. Reach out to learn more.