Go Beyond Remote
Patient Monitoring &


Need to modify a patient’s Care Plan on the fly to achieve faster, sustainable chronic disease control?
Would you benefit from Telemedicine to intervene early after identifying signs of disease deterioration?
Want to promote patient education and engagement in their medical care... from the comfort of their own home?
All of that done at a populational level?
justmiine has it all!


powered by justmiine, facilitates safe reentry in the face of COVID-19.

  • Digital screening of symptoms and temperature.

  • Workforce and quarantine management.

  • Telehealth visits with Infectious Disease Specialists.

  • In-Home COVID-19 tests.

How does Remote Patient Management work?

Helping doctors and patients navigate the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our remote patient management platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to empower providers and healthcare organizations to manage their patients throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem: from the post-acute environment of a Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Care all the way to the day to day patient management of the outpatient arena.

Closing the gaps in the delivery of health care.

Our Remote Patient Management platform brings providers and healthcare institutions into the virtual space.
Achieve improved outcomes, at lower costs. 
More continuous interaction between patients and their providers.

Interactive Care Plans

Using the powerful Provider Dashboard, design Interactive Care Plans, unique to each patient.
Patient Specific Care Plans 
  • Customized for anything from Hypertension to Diabetes to Mental Health conditions.
  • Collection of biometric data.
  • Track hundreds of disease specific symptoms.
  • Compliance data made easy.
  • Simple, intuitive and secure patient app.

Populational Health Management at its core.

Our Triage Hub allows constant monitoring of data. 
From patients needing better chronic disease control all the way to early identification of disease deterioration, Telemedicine allows a targeted deployment of resources. 
Timely intervention helps keep patients out of the hospital.

Financial Success

Remote patient management not only leads to better outcomes, it generates extra revenue from programs such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM). 
Generate substantial savings for  providers participating in value-based programs.

Research data collection reimagined.

Our robust platform dramatically modifies and improves the way data can be collected by institutions conducting research projects.
From biometric data to hundreds of disease specific symptoms to potential medication side effects, real-time collection of data sets is a breeze with the justmiine platform.