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Remote COVID-19 Testing & Health Monitoring

Safely reopen with responsible operations using miinehealth, powered by justmiine.

miinehealth, powered by justmiine

Organization-level health safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


justmiine has developed miinehealth

Our COVID-19 screening solution for workplaces and organizations.​​
  • Remote at-home testing mitigates exposure risk and eliminates unnecessary contact.

  • Proactive testing protects employees, customers & suppliers.

  • Immediate results. Clear instructions.

  • Contact Tracing: Warn those who may have exposure risk. 

  • Reporting and custom analytics to identify health trends, risk clusters and COVID-19 exposure.

miinehealth app showing a Not Cleared st
miinehealth app showing someone with mul

Manage health risks remotely.

Get back to business as usual.

Use miinehealth, powered by justmiine, to keep your entire organization safe in the face of COVID-19. Our medical-grade framework is simple and easy to use. Make sure only those who are healthy come on site.

Community health and safety tool.

Avoid site contamination by screening remotely, while people are at home. All parties have peace of mind that those who are present are healthy.

Daily, at-home Check In.

Before coming on-site, everyone completes a quick health Check In, including temperature. Get immediate results with a clear instructions. All parties know who is healthy.

At-home COVID-19 testing.

If there is a display of COVID-19 symptoms, all parties are aware of the situation. Clear directions are given and tests can be sent directly to their home. Have results in 48 hours.

Clear healthy employees to return to work.

Our Triage Hub collects the organization's data in one place. One person can spot risks and intervene quickly. At a glance understanding of who can come on-site and who should continue Quarantine.

Scalable organization management.

Our medical-grade remote monitoring framework scales to match any size organization. Manage your entire organizations health and safety using miinehealth, powered by justmiine.

Image by David Veksler

Home is the best place to receive care.

COVID-19 has changed the face of health and safety.

justmiine was developed by doctors to bring healthcare into the home. We understand that by remotely monitoring health risks, we improve care and protect one another.
We have developed miinehealth using our software framework. Daily in-home Check Ins rapidly identify those who are healthy and those who should Quarantine. Do so before contaminating the close confines of a building.  
We believe that the future of healthcare is remote monitoring. Home is the best place to receive care. 
Back to Work with Masks


  • Remote health check ins 

  • Workforce management

  • Expedited testing

  • Teledicine 


  • Expedited drop-offs

  • Student and workforce management

  • Clear instructions for parents


  • A complete solution

  • Good for repeat and one-time events 

  • Port of entry integration

Talk to our sales team

For more information on how miinehealth can help you safely manage your organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, enter your information here and a representative will contact you shortly.
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