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  • Kirstin Plate

Five Patient Benefits of Telemedicine

According to a recent Pew Research study, the vast majority of Americans – 81% – own a smartphone. It only makes sense for healthcare to transition to a mobile-first approach. This new approach to healthcare is called telemedicine.

Whether you're young or old, healthy or sick, telemedicine has many benefits. Here are the top five reasons how telemedicine helps patients:

No Travel

Skip packing the car, sitting in traffic and shuttling in and out of the office. Telemedicine allows you to safely communicate from the comfort of your own home or the privacy of your chosen location. The only requirements for a visit with your doctor is a smartphone and a solid internet connection.

No Waiting

We know that taking a day off of work to sit in a waiting room is less than ideal. Telemedicine allows you to visit with your doctor or Care Team when it is convenient for you. Keep in mind, you can quickly and easily reschedule if something changes.

No Risk of Exposure to Disease

If you are still uneasy about visiting a doctors office, not to worry. Scheduling virtual telemedicine visits is confidential, secure and most of all safe. You will have 24/7 access to a health care professional with no worry about exposing yourself or others to disease.

More Time Spent With Your Care Team

Instead of waiting weeks or months until your next doctor’s appointment, telemedicine allows you to see your doctor whenever you need to. Quality telemedicine apps, like justmiine, are HIPAA-complaint and secure. Your Care Team is a video call away.

Private Data Exchange With Your Doctor

Do you live with two or more chronic conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Depression, or Osteoarthritis? If the answer is yes, you're likely juggling multiple medications and many daily activities. Use telemedicine to share your progress directly with your doctor. From Blood Pressure or Blood Glucose to Medications and Symptoms, your Care Team can better support you. Telemedicine means being proactive in your health.


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