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Providing healthcare to patients where they spend most of their time: at home!

Doesn’t matter how big your organization is: an individual office or an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), we have the most flexible system to help you adapt to this fast-changing healthcare environment while achieving all the clinical and financial benchmarks.
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Built By Doctors

As a team of healthcare professionals working at justmiine, we hear and understand you along with all the challenges you are facing to adapt to this new healthcare environment.

We help you expand your traditional brick and mortar practice, deliver care through digital technology, and succeed financially by building new reimbursement avenues and improve the care you provide to a patient or entire populations.

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Build a treatment plan for any disease or program with the justmiine smart technology.

Patient Centered Care



A customized Treatment Plan created by the medical team, delivered daily to each patient. The justmiine patient mobile app makes it easy for patients to stay organized in the daily management of their conditions. 



Help patients manage multiple conditions and medications. Real-time push notifications help remind patients to adhere to their Treatment Plan while increasing interaction between providers and patients.



Tracking biometric data from Blood Pressure to Heart Rate, Glucose, Weight, O2 Saturation and Temperature, our platform allows the collection and analysis of multiple biometric data sets. Collection of hundreds of disease specific symptoms with the justmiine platform is a breeze.



Timing is key! justmiine’s "Critical Alerts" quickly identify trends from poor chronic disease control, early signs of disease deterioration all the way to poor adherence with the care plan.  Get to know your patients real-time, and not during the next appointment in 3 months.



Justmiine platform was born with population health management in mind. Medical teams are enabled to better stratify patients by risk, disease severity and compliance rates allowing the use of these data to perform a targeted deployment of resources.  



We facilitate the delivery of health care in a more fiscally responsible way. HIPAA-compliant chat messaging and video-enabled Telemedicine facilities timely interventions. Real-time provider intervention slows disease progression while at the same time allowing identification of poor compliance and early signs of disease deterioration that could cost a trip to the ER or even a hospitalization.



Health education is a strong facilitator of patient outcome and compliance. The justmiine system includes a shared library of educational materials which can be reviewed by patients in the comfort of their own home.



Using our robust platform, you can quickly adapt your practice workflow to these fast changes that are happening on the way we practice medicine, while growing your brick and mortar operations and establishing an online footprint via virtual care.  



New revenue streams made possible by telemedicine visits.  Automatically tracking time and generating billing for programs such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM). Meeting valued-based bench marks. All made simple and easy with justmiine!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Medicare coverage and billing for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

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