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Creating efficiency for better, more cost-effective healthcare.

justmiine provides health data management at the populational level. Focusing on targeted deployment of resources, our software framework improves outcomes and controls costs. 


Payer Benefits

Achieve faster chronic disease management in low to moderate-risk patients.


Identify early signs of disease deterioration that could cost thousands on ER visits and hospital admissions.

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Our Value

Collaboration between payers, patients and providers.

The current model

After an acute care admission, it is common for a patient to receive care from several providers or services. One single patient can receive care from their primary care doctor, sub-specialist physicians, rehabilitative services, home health care agencies as well as from payers that deploy home visits.

The problem

This current model of multiple players delivering care in an uncoordinated fashion to a single patient negatively impacts the cost-effectiveness of the health care system. 

A collaborative solution

The justmiine platform stimulates collaboration between payers, patients and providers with the common goal of achieving a better outcome in a more fiscally responsible way.

Cost-saving with justmiine Workflow



justmiine is a cloud-based platform, connecting patients, providers and EMRs. We create granular collaboration between patients, providers, and payers, improving outcomes and driving down cost.



Communication is everything! Patient reminders and push notifications create constant engagement between patients and their interactive care plans.  Having multiple players including patients, doctors, and home healthcare agencies in the same platform streamline the delivery of healthcare and provides several layers of engagement.



The justmiine platform brings deeper understanding of patients and their conditions. Providers and payers can understand biometric and subjective data over time, providing important insights into chronic diseases and their response to treatment. Intervention now becomes a targeted deployment of resources.



Timing is key! Our triage hub quickly stratifies data and identifies disease trends. This allows interventions that not only slows disease progression, but also prevents unnecessary visits to the ER. Together, providers and patients can reach value-based benchmarks.



The justmiine framework was born with population health management in mind. Aggregate biometric, subjective and compliance data directly from patients. Enable medical teams to better risk stratify patients by both disease severity as well as compliance rates. Effectively planning a target deployment of resources.



Delivery healthcare in a more fiscally responsible way. Promote remote, timely interventions. Intervene at the right time and the right place. 



Health education is a strong facilitator of patient outcome and compliance. The justmiine system includes a shared library of educational materials which can be reviewed by patients in the comfort of their own home.

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Improve outcomes. Reduce cost.

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Developed by doctors.

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Population health management solution.

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